5 German shepherd Traits That Make Them Great Dogs

Having a dog in your home is not only fan but also provides a sense of security, even if you don’t adopt it for guarding purposes. One of the most important things to consider when looking adopting a dog is the personality traits of that particular breed. It is therefore important to look at the German Shepherd traits if a sharp and awesome dog is what you are looking for. Not only are they perfect for guarding purposes, but are also great for pets too. Here are some common traits that the German shepherd portrays, making him a great dog to go for.

  1. Super Instincts

You will affirm to this if you happen to have witnessed a police situation, or at least watched a movie where dogs are involved for guarding and protective purposes. It is because of their super instincts as one of the German shepherd traits that make them suitable for such roles, which they have been used for since time immemorial. The dog is able to sense tension and pin point a suspect from miles away just by their sense of smell. However, it all depends on the training they receive from their young age, that will determine the actions they take upon having such instincts.

  1. Intelligent dogs

The German shepherd has been considered a working dog for so long, mainly due to its high intelligence as a key trait. It is known to be among the top rankers in terms of being able to learn fast and respond to situations appropriately. Again for this reason, appropriate training is highly important as they can easily learn bad habits mistakenly.

  1. They are active dogs

The dog is highly active in terms of exercise, and being engaged. It is known to like challenging situations and staying entertained most of its time. This is partly due to their huge composure and high intelligence quotient that they are quite energetic both mind and body.

  1. The Herding dog trait

Another interesting of the Shepherd traits is the ability to herd or supervise both human and animals. This is why they are historically known to have been used by communities as a herding dog for their livestock and poultry. They even go a long way in herding the owners and their children.

  1. Interaction and bonding

The German Shepherd is one of the friendliest dogs ever to man. They are quick in interacting but also remain watchful when it comes to strangers. When you get along well, the dog will do amazing staff to please you and will even be obedient. They are good in seeking loyalty to those they bond with.


Title: Historical Origins of German Shepherd Dog

Dogs are cute, friendly and enjoyable to have around, especially if well trained. If you have read a little bit about dogs for pets and guard purposes, then perhaps you have at some point wondered about the  how the German Shepherd originated. It is quite popular in most parts of the world today and has a good name in almost all walks of society. Here is a brief piece concerning this wonderful pet.

  1. Where It Came From

It was not until the late 19th century that the famous dog came into existence, you can tell from its name that its first origin was from Germany. At first its appearance was discovered in an exhibition show in Hanover, Germany and has its origins from interbreed between domestic dogs of the traditional gerlman communities. It is however, during the WW2 that the breeds of today came to full existence and spread to other regions such as the US and England.

  1. Who is Max Von Stephanitz?

The name shepherd comes from the fact that the breed was created from sheep herding dogs in the 19th century Germany. Max Von Stephanitz was the ex cavalry officer who is renowned for his great contribution in the creation of the Shepherd. It was his great efforts that led to the creation of a breed suitable for the herding task as it could handle the herds for long time duration providing safety.

  1. Enormous growth

Since then, the breed has grown enormously in popularity and is now one of the most popular pedigree breeds in the UK as a pet as well as being the favorite working breed for many forces, especially the police. They are widely used for security purposes because of their strong protective instincts.

  1. Alsatians

Alsatians was the name given to the German shepherd dog in early England and up to this date it is referred to as such by some people. The name originated from the fact that the Alsace region was a German territory during the first breeding of the dog. The Alsatians were so popular in that area at that time.

  1. The German shepherd Today

Owing to its lovable character and personality traits, the breed has been a dear to many and is used for various purposes. The Shepherd makes a great pet for keep as a family dog. Its high intelligence and ease to housebreak are some of the contributing factors for its suitability as a home pet.

It is playful, highly active and sharp as well. It is also used as a guard dog in police departments and security organs due to its high IQ and fast learning personality. It also has a high degree of guarding instincts, making it quite usable in crime scenes and investigative scenarios. However, the breed of today is a bid different that the original breed in terms of purpose and built.


Why You Should Have a Dog at Home For a Pet?

Happy Dog Health
Happy Dog Health

There are many people who are choose to have dogs as pets; in fact, the number keeps going up every day. In fact many people believe that when you have a dog in the house, it will also benefit you health wise. The many people that have pets know of the joy that is shared in their lives with their favorite animals. And studies that have been done that show that individuals who own dogs normally sleep better during the night and do not get sick as often.

Some dog owners have lower cholesterol levels and interestingly; they have survived heart attacks easier than others. Having a dog as a pet is a nice way to improve your social skills, in particular, when you are meeting new people who have pets as well. Even though most of the time we human have difficulty in communicating with strangers, pets can initiate the process for us and facilitate communication with other people who are different in personality from us.

If you choose to purchase a dog, make sure you buy from a reputable breeder. There are several people who breed them legitimately, and you can find just about any type of dog you want. Some of the most popular categories include poogles, labra and golden doodles, and the famous American and English retriever.  In some cases reputable breeders will offer their puppies with a four-year guarantee and ensure they are healthy.

They should be at all times be checked by a licensed and qualified veterinarian and ought to pass through the PPP (parasite prevention program). All the young ones have record papers in which the pedigree charts are followed. All the information usually gives the new owner peace and satisfaction to people when buying another family member.

Some people believe that  the type of dog you will purchase typically reflects your character. Some studies have shown clearly that there is a direct link between our traits and the kind of dog we purchase. For instance, persons with toy dogs typically tend to be more intellectual whereas the ones with Dalmatians or Bulldogs tend to be more cautious.

Another known fact is that individuals who have pets are more sociable and welcoming than others. Therefore, it is important for you to buy from reputable breeders so that you can get a happy and healthy pet. There are many people that breed top quality breeds, which are healthy and friendly. We want pets that are happy, kind, loyal, sociable and can join any family and adjust to the lifestyle easily. In effect they become part of our family.

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